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Scientific studies have shown that when you are old, you will be able to remember many more things that happened between the ages of 10 and 20, and particularly between 16 and 20.
That is certainly true of music, and teenagers today, like teenagers of every generation, will be singing and humming their favourite songs when they are much older! Of course, the older generation thinks that the music teenagers listen to today is terrible, just a lot of noise – but isn’t it always like that? Teenagers probably think that the music their parents listen to is terrible too, for different reasons!
Many teenagers like going to concerts to hear their favourite bands, but concerts can be very expensive, and parents are sometimes worried about drugs and alcohol, which are often a part of these happenings, especially at big outdoor rock festivals. However, most teenagers today listen to music on smartphones and all the other modern gadgets which they have. There are so many, it can be confusing to decide which one is the best.
In the past, if you wanted to see a film, you had to go to the cinema. Then came videos and DVDs, and now YouTube and a lot of other possibilities. Teenagers can talk about their favourite film stars with their friends on Facebook or Twitter and compare notes about them. Television soap operas are very popular too. One problem with having all the entertainment in front of you all the time is that you don’t move about! Have teenagers become couch potatoes?!
A lot of film stars and singers are role models for teenagers, so these people really have a lot of responsibility. Some, as everyone knows, are not very responsible! Perhaps they earn too much money too quickly and give teenagers a false idea of what is good or bad. A lot of celebrities have very strong ideas on politics and social problems and they can influence teenagers in every way, both negatively and positively.
Every band, singer or film star is surrounded by marketing agents. You can buy clothes, bags and all kinds of things with the name and picture of your idol on them, so you can show the whole world who you like. This is often expensive, because teenagers change their tastes very quickly!

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